The Business of Blogging Series: Your Brand

Welcome to the first B.O.B series; a series of posts that happen every other thursday and focus on the business of blogging. One of the classes I’m taking at University is all about Self-Promotion, or selling yourself as a brand. I’ve learned some great things and am going to share them with you.

First order of Business is Your Brand. Every fashion blog is different but still a fashion blog. What makes yours different from the rest? Your words, yes, but what do people see first when checking back? Your blog name and logo. This is the Brand of you that you’re selling to your readers.

Blogging is always on the bridge of personal and professional. Your logo should be the same: something personal to you but still presentable in professional settings. Many of us are using our blogs on our resumes or even as an online source for a sample of writing. It’s important to convey your artistic personality for this will make you memorable. At the same time your design doesn’t have to be complex. Like any fashion faux pas, sometimes too much is remembered for the wrong reasons.

When I started The Fashion Pawn, I had no sense of direction with “my brand.” I created this logo that you see here with an amazing friend and graphic designer, Jeffry Campanero. After doodling on pages of my notebooks I realized what I wanted: 1 heart, 1 pawn. Any of my teachers can attest to my heart doodles on the sides of my work and because I am The Fashion Pawn, adding a pawn made sense. We worked around my ideas and came up with my logo.

When I get tired of the font, I’m going to be able to use my heart and pawn idea with anything else. Some great examples of blogs and their people who branded themselves in an interchangeable way include:

Profresh Style– though her background may change, the font of her logo stays the same. In fact, it’s all over her blog. The next time you see her font anywhere in the world, you’re going to think of Christina Topacio’s blog and aesthetic.

Muffin Top Baby– her blog just went through a huge change of colors and fonts but what stayed the same was her paper doll and muffin. What Coco L’amour is blogging about will stay with her readers when they are on other blogs.

Fashion Canvas– is a great example of getting fed up with your logo idea. Francheska may have changed her original logo but the rest of her blog remains the same.

I think you’ve gathered how important it is to create a brand for your blog.

Tune in for the next Business of Blogging series where we’ll discuss what you can do with your Brand now that you’ve created it. Business Cards, maybe?


Caumera Juanese

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When the Clouds Almost Cover the Sun in San Francisco

Weather at its high, today, is 62 degrees: stay warm and fashionable with something that covers you all up. A long sleeve sweater and your easy-on skinny jeans should do the trick. We’re getting close to winter so feel free to darken your lips. You’ll match the random clouds that are sure to be seen throughout the day. Humidity is supposed to be around 89%. Protect your hair; wear a scarf or a hat. Add a little height with a platform wedge to elongate your legs when you’re stomping around the hills of San Francisco. You’ll be closer to the sun, the warmth… Just kidding, but it is sure to make you beautiful and comfy.

And who cares about the cold when you’re beautiful and comfy?

Have a wonderful day!


Caumera Juanese

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Many, Beautiful Things on Polk, San Francisco

For another assignment, Jaclyn (Champagne and Oreos) and I embarked on a mission to find a San Francisco Boutique that was noteworthy. We searched high and low, literally because these hills are killer, and found something beyond noteworthy. We found something worth your time, money, and affection: Molte Cose.

Teresa Nittolo began the first Molte Cose, or many things, 22 years ago: a shop of vintage, classic home furnishings and children wear. As bright as the sun when you enter, the room is spread out with no order but vintage in place. In one corner: hats on a hat rack, scarves and purses hang freely. While on the opposite wall, a collection of baby and toddler fun. In the middle, a table of vintage demitasse cups, tea sets, and pictures.

After 12 years, she opened Belle Cose, or beautiful things, one store over. Walls the color of a must be Marie Antoinette’s closet, the store is full of feminine collectibles. From cute shoes to elegant dresses and even an amusing, tasteful selection of under things, there is no reason that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

A year later Molte Cose For Men opened in-between the already booming stores. Nittolo says, “Every time there was a recession, I opened a store” This store has been doing the best out of all three and justly so. It makes sense seeing such well-dressed men all over San Francisco. The interiors here are reminiscent of an Ivy League club for young men: classic approaches to the modern man. I may not know who he is, but the guy who shops here is fun.

3 store fronts lead to one huge store that carries brands like Bebe Dakota, Kenzie, Projek Raw, 7 Diamonds, and Mary Breed are too perfect to pass up. Who do you have to thank for such a vintage shopping experience? The recessions? No, why don’t you head down to 2036-2044 Polk Street San Francisco and thank the owner herself.


Caumera Juanese

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Five Men, San Francisco, and Two Bloggers

Blogs like Face Hunter, Stockholm Street Style, and San Franciscos’ very own The SF Style, inspire The Fashion Pawn tremendously. Whether to get inspiration for daily outfits or to marvel over the amazing pictures, these street style blogs stay in the “Must Check Daily” tab on the right hand side of the screen. Last week, I wanted to do more that dress up: I was inspired to take photos of the people who I thought were best dressed on the street.

Many photographers have told me that street style photography might be the hardest to do. Did that stop me? No, and rightfully so. I embarked on this venture with fellow SF [beauty] blogger Jaclyn, from Champagne and Oreos and my blogging class, to find 5 men to take pictures of.

Might I add to you, readers, if you have an amazing sense of style and someone asks for your picture for their blog, and he or she gives you a card, Let Them Snap Your Photo. The hardest part was finding 5 people to let us take their picture. I sympathize with you Street Style Bloggers.

If you click the link, you’ll be taken to my Vuvox slideshow of the lovely men who allowed me to take their pictures.


5 Men, San Francisco, and 2 Bloggers

Went out with fellow blogger Jaclyn from Champagne and Oreos to attempt Street Style shots. Though I did well, the city proved to be a bit too rude for my tastes.

see more of my photos
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Look to the Windows

Need some inspiration for shopping or feeling in the mood for holiday cheer? Look to the Windows of Union Street!

For a class assignment, we were told to find holiday windows and create a Vuvox Slideshow to embed in our blog. Personally, there is this huge thought that seeing a huge picture on a blog is better than a small one. Details are a huge piece of making a blog memorable. The idea of this slideshow was sort of annoying. As interesting as it sounds, and believe me everything about Vuvox is interesting, there was immediately no interest to use it.

Vuvox is actually fun and I was wrong to judge. I love the different fonts they incorporate and the easy to use system they have to create you collage of epic-ness… or crapy ness… whichever you prefer.

Sadly, I can’t actually embed the slideshow onto this blog. So if you click the picture below, you should be directed to my awesome tries at slideshow-ing.

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Out with the New, In with the Once Sold?

Image taken from The Cut blog

According to the Cut blog, Target is adding “Re” to its’ vocabulary. Relaunch, Revive, Resell. Instead of  taking on a new designer, they are bringing back well sold collections from previous designers. Who can blame them? No one; this might be their greatest idea yet.

The frenzy Target creates when announcing some major designer will be creating a line of cheap affordable clothing available to the everyman sometimes beats Bieber Fever. When they sell out, after 2 weeks, of the best products they have to offer, mobs form. The people want what they want, SO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT.

But what about the idea that fashion is an industry that changes? In fact, wrapped all around the word is a chain of change. The dictionary, Oscar Wilde quotes, and, Hey, the idea that we have NEW fashion shows every 6 months, proves my point. Is this old Target venture staying true to what we know and, I guess, love about fashion?

Image from original The Fashion Pawn

Regardless of the ideals of fashion and bad backtracking, except when used as inspiration (we applaud you designers!), aren’t you giddy at the thought that a Target collection you may have missed can very well be in your area? And then, are you upset that you are giddy about a Target collection?

Don’t be.

34 dresses of Luella Bartley, Tara Jarmon, Paul & Joe, Behnaz Sarafpour, Proenza Schouler, Libertine, Alice Temperley, Erin Fetherston, Jovovich-Hawk, Rogan, Richard Chai, Jonathan Saunders, Thakoon, Tracy Feith, Rodarte, Zac Posen, and Tucker will be at your shopping pleasure once more from March 13 to April 10. Who wouldn’t be excited over that?


Caumera Juanese

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When the Wind Could Blow You Away in San Francisco


It’s a nice cool of 66 degrees outside in San Francisco right now. But you wouldn’t know it under all the rain and that 20 mph wind. I’m 5’1 and I’m sure i’d role down some hills due to this. So the verdict is simple. STAY INDOORS.

Just because we’re inside, doesn’t mean we can’t stay fashionable. It’s about time for Sunday Lunch (or Brunch for some) so dress up a bit and make yourself warm foods and hot tea. While I sip, my thoughts will be with London.


Caumera Juanese

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