The Bob Series: Business Cards

We now know that it’s a great idea to have something in your logo (your brand) that will let the reader know it’s you. My heart and pawn idea will stick with me no matter what font, color, or image I use. So, now what do I do with it? Self-promotion: starting with Business Cards.

Your business card will be the most frequently used self/blog-promotional piece you will create. One of the most powerful networking tools a blogger can have, a business card can be used in many situations. Having a ready supply to exchange with other bloggers, industry professionals, or random people you meet at an event can ensure that you be included in others’ networking databases.

To put it bluntly, business cards let people know they can use you. Whether your simply a blogger willing to guest blog or a designer who blogs looking for a start up job, these cards are extensions of you. When people look in their wallets of all the cards they have, they will see your card and know: if I ever need such and such, this is the person to contact.

Information that should be included on your business cards include:
Your Name: If your blog uses a handle, then your card should read the handle. Consistency is a great way of staying memorable in peoples’ minds.
Your Services: Currently, I study Fashion Journalism and Styling so those are other services I offer besides blogging.
Your Blog: … duh?
Your Email: this will give your future cardholders a way to contact you. Otherwise, why give them a card at all?

Your Phone Number: This is optional. If you are changing your number left and right, don’t include it. However, if you offer other services besides blogging, like I do, it is better to do so.

You don’t want to bombard your cardholder with information about yourself: keep the lines to a minimum and have a clean layout so it’s easy to read. I, personally, am creating two sets of cards for many different occasions. One set includes all the information above. I’ll use these to give to potential clients, industry professionals, other bloggers, and those jars at restaurants so I can get a free lunch. My second set will have the link to my blog on one side and style photos of myself on the other. I’ll leave these at local coffee shops or events just to get my blog out there.

this is my first set of cards

Other amazing blog posts about Business Cards:

The Style Sample: This How To post is really helpful. Tamia gives a quick breakdown on how to design a business card.

Grit and Glamour: The source of the other two blogs I mention in this post, Vahni grabs some quick tips for the on the go reader.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly: The inspiration of my second set of cards, Kristina tells you all about, a wonderland for business card making.

What do or will you use business cards for?

Tune in for the next Business of Blogging series where we’ll take a break from your brand and step into your content. Something to do with being different or keeping readers, perhaps?

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Florence + The Machine + You

Florence Welch of British indie rock Florence + The Machine [the machine being a mixture of collaborators who provide backing music for her voice] is as inspiring in her wardrobe as she is when she sings. For those of you who love her music but consider some of her looks to be too daring, I’ve created some style by inspiration polyvores to help you get into the Machine mood.

Inspiration: Florence Welch

Inspiration: Florence Welch by thefashionpawn featuring a cream dress


Enjoy dancing to the lyrics of “Dog Days Are Over” and watching the credits of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse to “Heavy In Your Arms.” Whether you’re at the movies, on a date, or out at school, Florence + The Machine can be with you in more ways than musically!

Caumera Juanese

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All Bloggers Love Jeffrey Campbell!

Jeffrey Campbell is a bloggers delight. You have seen them on some of your favorite blogs, at Nordstom, or your closest LF store. Now it’s time to see them here. I have never been able to get enough of Jeffrey Campbell and all of its wonders. Beautiful to the eye and gentle to the foot, they are shoes we all would die to have. I recently bought the K-Genius from LF on Union Street, SF after eyeing them for months at the LF on Larchmont, Los Angeles. You’ve seen me wear them if you went to Paige Hermrecks’ blog or saw me dance with them in my last video post back on my blogspot. I can’t wait to purchase some more.

Here are some of my favorites that I’m thinking about from, an online store that carries some personal pieces of fashion heaven in the form of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
What are your favorite shoes by Jeffrey Campbell of the moment?


Caumera Juanese

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I Want To Be A Tommy Hilfiger Girl!

Usually, advertisements don’t do anything for me. I don’t identify with subjects I see on my small screen. This, by the way, has nothing to do with race or even size, but I often feel these people who I’m supposed to strive to be by shopping wherever, are nothing like me. Apparently, we don’t listen to the same music, we don’t dress similar, and when I look in the mirror, I happen to do a little dance to make sure I’m comfortable enough just in case and not a twirl or two to make sure I look good.

You now can understand that it shocks me: I can’t get enough of Tommy Hilfiger advertisements. From magazines to commercials, I can totally see little Caumeras’ living the Hilfiger lifestyle. The life of classic meeting original, familiar meeting unfamiliar, and a very studious nature and a love for books meeting a partying, night owl. To quote Hannah Montana, Tommy Hilfiger advertisements provide the “best of both worlds.” I may not be prep, but I now want to be: the goal of all advertisements. To Mr. Hilfiger, “Feast Interruptus captures the fun and loving chaos of the holidays.” I long to be a Tommy Hilfiger girl: wearing a passed around blazer with history, eating Thanksgiving out in the countryside on darling china, staring off with dark glasses, and being carried by very hot boys.

I saw these ads at Unabashedly Prep, a site I just can’t get enough of as well. Enjoy!

You know you want that Navy Blue Blazer! What do you think of these Ads?

Caumera Juanese

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Thankful Thursday: Turkey Fashions

My final post of the day should include some happy pictures of my first Thanksgiving away from home where I had to cook.

I’m thankful a lady stopped me in the store realizing I was confused and helped me find what I needed. I’m thankful for and all the help my sister gave me from Los Angeles. I’m thankful for the kitchen that our school gives us. And lastly, I’m thankful for my gorgeous friends that allowed me to take photos.

Before my guests finished I asked them some questions about Thanksgiving Fashion and an insight about their personal style. I took the best quotes and made a Vuvox slideshow!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Caumera Juanese

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Thankful Thursday: Croquis and Turkey

You may have taken out time to read my About section where I ramble about myself in the third person attempting to be a professional. If you have,  you know that I longed to be a fashion designer before styling and blogging ever entered my head. But those sewing nightmares have been put on hold because I love what I’m doing. Still, it’s nice to just sit at my desk, break out my watercolors, and design.

So when Jaclyn of Champagne and Oreos asked me to design a croquis for her What’s In Your Bag Wednesday, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I just love to draw and was so excited to design again. I’m so thankful that Jaclyn is in my class and likes my work!

Here’s what I did for her:

As a surprise, I am making some more Champagne and Oreo Girls. Here’s a sneak peek!

I can’t wait to show her what I’ve done.


Caumera Juanese

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Thankful Thursday: Links à la Mode

Today, I’ll be doing a series of posts, titled: Thankful Thursday, that have to do with Being Thankful, Thanksgiving, and all thinks Happy Making.

For the first time ever, and hopefully not the last, The Fashion Pawn made Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode! When I saw the list and noticed how many ping backs I was getting, I could not help but be overjoyed (I may have done a dance or two… or three). The B.O.B Series was inspired by IFB and all the great tips they have to offer and I am honored to have the first post be recognized.

What a great way to start Thanksgiving Thursday: I’m thankful for having a resource like Independent Fashion Bloggers.

links a la mode

Giving Thanks

Edited by: Holier than Now

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and many of us are looking forward to the Black Friday sales – oh wait, I mean spending time with our families and friends! But it’s wonderful (and kind of weird) that so many of the people that influence and support us on a daily basis won’t be gathered around our table; they’ll be hanging around our web address, retweeting our (sometimes) witty comments, liking our latest post on Facebook, etc. Whether or not you celebrate turkey day, as a blogger it’s hard not to be full of gratitude for the resources we share on a regular basis. This week, Tickle Me Chic helps ban the blogging blues, Previously Owned does your holiday gift shopping for you, and Make the World a Prettier Place sums up the reason so many of us are grateful just to be alive (hello? fashion!) with a visual history.

Links à la Mode: November 25th


Shopbop bags: Burch, Matt & Natt, Minkoff, IRO, Botkier, Gryson, LAMB, Chloe, BE&D, DVF


Caumera Juanese

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