Caumera Juanese was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. There, she grew to love the look of things. When helping her mother make food, she styled the plates. When bored with her dolls clothes, she hand sewed some new ones. While learning the piano and the violin, she dreamed of all the gowns she longed to wear. It wasn’t soon before long that she was designing clothes in many sketchbooks.

Caumera attended Alexander Hamilton Senior High School Academy of Music where she studied Performing Arts.Drama, Musical Theater, Art, and Electronic Music were some classes that shaped her into having a great eye for detail. Her senior year, she wrote the theme song for The Good Times Are Killing Me as well as acted in it and learned the clarinet for her role in Gypsy. She costumed two staged shows, Spring’s Awakening and Winnie The Pooh, the latter of which she designed and sewed herself. It became apparent that she liked the behind the scenes work of the Entertainment Field just as much as the forefront.

It was from her love of being on stage and costume design that she decided she wanted to be a fashion designer and stylist.

Currently enrolled at the Academy of Art University, she studies Fashion Journalism and Styling. After her first semester, she realized that her love for styling out did her love for designing. Hoping to move to London to pursue her styling career, she writes here, on this blog, to get her foot through the door. Caumera Juanese is a fashion student, stylist, blogger, journalist, and pawn dedicated to the world of fashion since a young age.


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