This Christmas

Christmas, in my family, is all about snuggling up to each other on a big bed, watching all types of movies, sipping English Breakfast tea or hot cocoa, and my entire family squishing into a kitchen to make tons of food that could last us for weeks but won’t because we like to share. It’s not about the gifts, something I learned years ago when I stopped asking for them. It’s about our time together. Christmas starts as soon as we are on holiday and ends abruptly on the 26th.

In the past, I may have stomped a boot or platform wedge to get what I want but, no more. Instead of stomping and whining, complaining about the cold, or playing the role of ungrateful child (these are things I haven’t done in  many years, mind you), I will sit tight and relax… a bit. I’ll be too excited to skip the unwrapping of gifts and head to the stores for post celebration sales. Besides, I’m in need of new boots, anyway… And an Infinity Scarf for I have lost mine…


The pieces I pick up will be minimal, fashion necessities: a scent, a statement piece to bring in the New Year and wear all year round, and something to go along with my new prep obsession. I’m smelling Daisy by Marc Jacobs or La Lune 18 by D&G. I’m thinking a scarf, skirt, or blazer for the new year. As for the prep obsession, well I will not know of it till I see it.

Or maybe I’ll buy a domain name for this lovely blog and really make it a business.

My point is, little chess players, have fun this Christmas. Whether feeding the homeless or unwrapping gifts, there is no reason for the last holiday of 2010 to be un-fun. Smile, put on one of those Family Home Entertainment claymation classics that provide memorable tunes like the island of misfit toys, and enjoy. The New Year is around the corner!


Caumera Juanese

P.S. What are you hoping for this holiday?

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