Who I Am is What I Do: A Guest Post by Paige Hermreck

As you may know from my serious amount of “pimpage”, Paige Hermreck is a fellow student, blogger, and friend from the Academy of Art University. I asked her to Guest Post about her journey as a student photographer: who she has become over the course of a year. Enjoy!

I don’t value those of most 19 year old college sophomore, but then again, I go to an Art Academy that excels in inspiring new artists and taking aspiring art hopefuls and turns them in to knowledgeable critics that contribute to an often misunderstood world of creativity and imagination. I spend my time reblogging beautiful photographs on Tumblr instead of dancing at clubs. I wake up giddy not because of boys, but because of the last photograph I saw before I went to bed. I am inspired by my professors that speak with passion about capturing moments, not a quote about growing up from Nicole Richie. I spend my time in front of Photoshop tutorials instead of plotting ways to convince liquor stores I am of-age.

The campus I create from isn’t a campus at all, but that’s another reason why I love where I am and what I am doing. I walk out of an amazing lecture and the only reason the sun isn’t out is because it can’t seep through the skyscrapers around me. I am taught craft and compassion from professionals who have worked with Annie Leibovitz herself, and have hope that I – too, can be amazing.

I like shooting people in their natural state, things that most people overlook, and anything that light can hit.  I am not a person who limits themselves to this or that type of photography- if it can be captured by a lens, I will shoot it.

I like photos that make me feel something, make me concentrate, make me ponder.

I look back to my work from a year ago and as most growing students, it’s humbling to see how much someone can grow and learn in 12 months. Even in two months my work has had more focus and direction than when the semester started.

I am thankful every single day to be blessed with discovering photography, being surrounded by others who have passion for creating, and for being encouraged by people who have taken interest in my work. I have so much to learn, its overwhelming, but it’s also very comforting knowing that I can create work with my mind and imagination that is tangible and can be seen by those who want to look.

Being in San Francisco, The Sutro Baths have been a source of so much inspiration. I find myself going back there for assignments or just free time and I’ve noticed a change in my work.

February 28:

October 3:

November 20:

Thanks for reading,

Paige Hermreck

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3 Responses to Who I Am is What I Do: A Guest Post by Paige Hermreck

  1. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Your blog has also grown so much in the past year!

    Isnt it amazing how much we have expanded. Cant wait for another years progression :)

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