The B.O.B Series: The 8 Commandments of Blogging

Last week, I did a B.O.B Series post about Business Cards. Though usually this particular series happens every other Thursday, I’ve moved up the date to today because of the serious pressure of finals. I’m unsure if anything I post will be worth reading until after school ends. Which, I might add, is incredibly close.

There are thousands of blogs on the World Wide Web and everyone is trying to set him or herself apart from everybody else. How do we differ? How do we keep our readers interested? We keep to the 8 commandments of Blogging.

  1. Blog Often: the more you blog the more people check back to see if you have blogged. Set an amount of times per week you’d like to post and plan to follow through. Set alarm clocks on your phone or write it in your planner. If your blogging once a week, your readers will become glancers and your blog becomes forgettable.
  2. Write Like You Speak: I personally like to read many types of blogs and each has its own voice that makes me feel as though the blogger and I are close.
  3. Focus on Specific Details: if you’re reblogging some news, you don’t have to give an opinion on every detail of your post. Shed some light on what grabbed you the most. This way, you’re reporting and staying true to what your readers love about your blog.
  4. Be Apart of the Conversation: it’s great to comment on other people’s blogs to get more readership or out of courtesy for a comment on yours. What about commenting on your own blog after someone has posted. This makes you relatable to your reader and they can see what you think about them commenting.
  5. Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words: this saying is incredibly true in todays’ society. As much as I write, I always try to include a couple of pictures to interrupt my words. Let’s admit that our attention span has dwindled down to barely anything. This keeps your reader involved, focused, and in tune to what you’re writing.
  6. Spell check: whether you’re writing to have a portfolio or writing for fun, spell check should be your best friend. I have problems with grammar but when I realize I have messed something up I try to fix it as fast as I can. A mistake once in a while is forgivable; a repeat offender is not worth reading.
  7. Link Back: linking is a great way to gather readers, followers, and have your links put on a blogroll. Put credit where credit is due; if you have used a photo or mentioned someone, link back to him or her. They will be grateful for the traffic you send to their site and will come and check out yours too.
  8. Surprise, Surprise: providing the element of surprise is something that keeps a reader coming back. Create giveaways, interview someone who has been following from the beginning, offer discounts to places, and single out people in your comment box. Your reader will never know if it is them that you will choose to be featured.

Keeping to the commandments makes each blog different. Here are some very different blogs who obviously have no problem following:

Accessory of Crime: no matter what my comment, they always go and check out a recent post I’ve done and comment back. Amanda and Emily always seem to be busy with their travels and life but always have time to monitor their comments and return the favor.

Dapper Kid: a new member of my daily inspiration list over to your right, Syeds’ blog is full of photos and content. His photos makes the reader want to read his blurbs and stay reading them.

BelleChantelle: the average of this blogs post per month is 10. Having a set goal of times to post a month lets the reader A) know you aren’t slacking and B) get excited for the next post. Chantelle has done this beautifully.

Stick to these commandments and there is no way you can lose in the blogosphere!


Caumera Juanese

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37 Responses to The B.O.B Series: The 8 Commandments of Blogging

  1. a.n.e says:

    It really is nice to be recognized in this context! Love that you’ve spent time writing about the blogging commandments. I think its so important, and essentially based on respecting and considering your readers, your peers and yourself. We all have so much to learn about how contribute positively to our blogging community!

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  3. Emily says:

    What great advice! I try to post every day and use scheduling to help me do this when something comes up – then there are still posts going up! I have scheduduled a load for Christmas! :)

    • That’s exciting! I’ll be checking your blog! I also commend you for posting everyday! Hats off to you [and all other wow coments that can be made!]. I’m trying to post 3 times a week in the near future but we’ll see how that goes with the new year.
      Happy Christmas Posting!

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  6. Great post, a sort of “how to” in 8 easy steps – and I just quoted Alanis Morissete there, so credit to her :)
    I try to do all of them, but still get very little attention. I have managed to get more people to comment on my blog, but stats are the same and it’s a kind of glass ceiling. At least, after reading your post, I know I’m doing the right things :)

    • Christy says:

      I feel your pain Fashion Limbo! I do everything I’m “supposed to” and even got two mentions in local newspapers but I’m still not pulling in the big numbers that I’d like to. I think these things just take time.

      • Time. Very true. I once asked Francheska of Fashion Canvas how she had gotten so many followers, mentions, jobs and so on from her blog. She told me to keep doing what I was doing and someone would do the rest for me. She meant that if I continued to blog, someone would like what I was doing and from there, the numbers could only get bigger and better.

    • I feel your pain as well! I hardly get followers or readers that aren’t my friends (which is why I dance every time I get on Links a la Mode) but then I realized I wasn’t doing everything on my list of blogging commandments. Someone mentioned I had spelling and grammar errors in this post that I, and my spell check, haven’t found yet. EEEKK! The best thing I have learned in my blogging class is to be very patient. After people are done looking at the famous fashion bloggers out there they will want to see something else… Hopefully.

  7. T. says:

    Interesting post! I found it via the IFB links. And I just have to comment on point 2: I don’t always write like I speak, nor do I want to, because I’m a lot better at writing than at talking! I love to use big words and think up puns, which I wouldn’t do when talking. And it’s still different in the English translation.

    • In a case like yours, I would say writing like you write is the same as writing like you speak. The voice is still as natural and relatable. The whole point is to not come off like you’re better than your reader.
      Does that make sense?
      Let me know if I am unclear!

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  10. lisa says:

    All of this is great advice. Re. the comments about doing everything right and not pulling in big numbers: it does take time. Just keep plugging away at it. The more content you post, the more it gets indexed by search engines and the more hits you get on present and previous posts.

    • Thank you! I’ve learned this in blogging recently. Adding tags and catergories also help. I once mentioned Hannah Montana in a post and when someone typed that into google my post popped up. My post had nothing to do with HM at all but hey, I got someone to read!

  11. A says:

    I like that you mention spell check and grammar yet you have more than a few grammar mistakes in this post.

  12. Miss Viki says:

    Good advice, if I could add another commandment I would add #9 be relevant. post something that matters. I think this is the most important and most difficult, to hit a nerve with your readers. This can happen sometimes magically, which is quite fascinating for me.

    • Very true. There are many other things that could be added to your blogging commandments. I can think of at least 20! Being relevant is an important one. Thanks for sharing! AND Thanks for stopping by!


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  15. Milly says:

    I enjoyed your first how to series and this has also managed to provide me with useful and tangible advice that I can incorporate easily into my own blog.

    The first is the rule to focus on most I think – I leave my blog unattended for way too long at times. We all have other commitments and I just have to remind myself that the blog is a chosen one that needs as much attention as the rest!

    Thanks for posting!

    • I’m so happy that you are enjoying my BOB series! I was inspired by IFB and my blogging class at first and then I realized I’m really doing it so I remember what makes a blog amazing and easy to read. These are things I want to be able to go back to before I make any big decisions. I too leave my blog unattended for periods of time which is why it is the number one rule.

      Thanks for reading!

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  17. Fantastic post!! So true! All these things really make a good blog, especially the part about blogging often. Sometimes I find that to be a hardship for me, as I get bogged down with school work and my out side of blogging life. My sister even told me today that I should try and post more often, once a day to be exact, even if I don’t have an outfit post ready, just to stay fresh in the readers mind. This is exactly true.
    Great great advice! :)

    • I know what you mean. I blog off my my Macbook and when I am at home I can’t get internet with it. So it stops me from blogging the posts I would usually. Like right now, I haven’t posted since sitting in the Airport, WHICH I TOTALLY DISLIKE! I’m working on a plan with my mom to take me to the nearest starbucks every other day for a couple of hours so I wont hurt my blog :[ Maybe if you were to plan out which days are outfit posts and others a different kind of content, it would be easier for you?
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  24. Thanks for sharing these. I think it is also important to create you own niche. I will definitely check out the blogs they look interesting!

  25. Lori says:

    I’ve had a hard time scheduling my posts. I will post several times in a short period and then not again for a longer period. I am going to try to set alarms on my phone to see if it helps keep me on track – thanks for the tip.

    • In my first years of attempting to blog before I couldn’t get the hang of it but I think I’m finally starting to take it seriously so I can post when and what I plan. Lets cross our fingers!

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