The Bob Series: Business Cards

We now know that it’s a great idea to have something in your logo (your brand) that will let the reader know it’s you. My heart and pawn idea will stick with me no matter what font, color, or image I use. So, now what do I do with it? Self-promotion: starting with Business Cards.

Your business card will be the most frequently used self/blog-promotional piece you will create. One of the most powerful networking tools a blogger can have, a business card can be used in many situations. Having a ready supply to exchange with other bloggers, industry professionals, or random people you meet at an event can ensure that you be included in others’ networking databases.

To put it bluntly, business cards let people know they can use you. Whether your simply a blogger willing to guest blog or a designer who blogs looking for a start up job, these cards are extensions of you. When people look in their wallets of all the cards they have, they will see your card and know: if I ever need such and such, this is the person to contact.

Information that should be included on your business cards include:
Your Name: If your blog uses a handle, then your card should read the handle. Consistency is a great way of staying memorable in peoples’ minds.
Your Services: Currently, I study Fashion Journalism and Styling so those are other services I offer besides blogging.
Your Blog: … duh?
Your Email: this will give your future cardholders a way to contact you. Otherwise, why give them a card at all?

Your Phone Number: This is optional. If you are changing your number left and right, don’t include it. However, if you offer other services besides blogging, like I do, it is better to do so.

You don’t want to bombard your cardholder with information about yourself: keep the lines to a minimum and have a clean layout so it’s easy to read. I, personally, am creating two sets of cards for many different occasions. One set includes all the information above. I’ll use these to give to potential clients, industry professionals, other bloggers, and those jars at restaurants so I can get a free lunch. My second set will have the link to my blog on one side and style photos of myself on the other. I’ll leave these at local coffee shops or events just to get my blog out there.

this is my first set of cards

Other amazing blog posts about Business Cards:

The Style Sample: This How To post is really helpful. Tamia gives a quick breakdown on how to design a business card.

Grit and Glamour: The source of the other two blogs I mention in this post, Vahni grabs some quick tips for the on the go reader.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly: The inspiration of my second set of cards, Kristina tells you all about, a wonderland for business card making.

What do or will you use business cards for?

Tune in for the next Business of Blogging series where we’ll take a break from your brand and step into your content. Something to do with being different or keeping readers, perhaps?

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27 Responses to The Bob Series: Business Cards

  1. Mrs Bossa says:

    I’ve always loved the idea of producing a business card for the blog, something I could link in stylistically with the labels for the textiles pieces I produce. Great tips – and yours is a lovely result!

    Mrs Bossa Does the Do

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  6. Cyrillynn says:

    Your cards look great! I got business cards a few months after I started my blog because I didn’t want to keep writing down the URL, lol! I’ve also worked in the entertainment industry for a long time, and as you stated, having a “calling card” or business card that you can hand to people at events is definitely one of the most important pieces of self promotion you can have. When I was a production assistant, my card was what got me call backs because they remembered I handed them a card. Now with my blog, I can hand it to anyone who asks me where I got my shoes or if they like my outfit, in addition to any industry types.

    Any Second Now

    • Business cards take the blogger from a regular person to a professional. I find when I talk about blogging and then say: “here, let me get you my business card so you can check it out” people take me more seriously. You got a callback! There is something determined about a person with a Business Card. I think people see that when getting one.
      Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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  12. Allie says:

    Excellent tips! and from Carillyn as well– if nothing else, easier than writing your url on slips of paper that WILL get lost…
    If your design is distinctive, it goes a long way for people remembering you and holding on to your card– I get lots of comments on mine, and even people who don’t know me well say, “Oh, it’s so you!” is also a source for free/cheap starter cards, they have templates (I don’t recommend) or you can upload your custom design (no, I don’t get a commission from them, I’ve just used them for postcards for my services).
    Looking for ward to see more BOB!

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  14. Your cards look wonderful! Im going to check out vistaprint!

  15. Hey doll, thanks for the mention! What a great post!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  16. You’ve just reminded me I need to order more business cards; thanks! I find splurging on better quality paper makes your card more memorable, too.

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  19. Tori says:

    I also have 2 sets of business cards. One set I print at home and use for most business contacts of my main business as a social media consultant (this one has email, phone, website, twitter). The other card is strictly for blogging and has my name, email, blog address, twitter and personal website. No phone number though. The blog ones I had made at and they rock! They are more fashion-y than my other ones which works out perfectly.

    • Though I offer services, I think having both of my cards be for blogging will help ME realize that my blog is my business. I do like your idea of having two separates, though. Hopefully I will get a job that requires me to do so! People are swearing by Moo and Vistaprint I simply must check both out!
      Thanks for sharing… you are making me think!

  20. Milly says:

    What a topical post! I bit the bullet and spent some time yesterday dealing with the task of creating my business cards on & I am so pleased I finally got round to it. Also, I might not have received the finished product yet but I have to say what a great site Moo is. I have used Vistaprint for all my business card needs up till now for my day-job but I am totally converted now!

    • Moo and Vistaprint are two amazing sites. I, however, am not using either of them at the moment so I need to do a little exploring. I’ve only heard the best from both. Thanks for stopping by!

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