Florence + The Machine + You

Florence Welch of British indie rock Florence + The Machine [the machine being a mixture of collaborators who provide backing music for her voice] is as inspiring in her wardrobe as she is when she sings. For those of you who love her music but consider some of her looks to be too daring, I’ve created some style by inspiration polyvores to help you get into the Machine mood.

Inspiration: Florence Welch

Inspiration: Florence Welch by thefashionpawn featuring a cream dress


Enjoy dancing to the lyrics of “Dog Days Are Over” and watching the credits of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse to “Heavy In Your Arms.” Whether you’re at the movies, on a date, or out at school, Florence + The Machine can be with you in more ways than musically!

Caumera Juanese

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4 Responses to Florence + The Machine + You

  1. Becca says:

    Love her! These look great!!

  2. coco says:

    Y’know, its funny… I don’t actually listen toher music. I just admire Florence for her style. She’s one of my fashion icons. Lol. She is so inspiring and she moves me to be more daring with my wardrobe! Love, love, loooove how her brain works with fashion!

    • I used to not listen to her music either but something happened where the next thing I knew I was buying her CD and checking her page to see when she’d come to my city. haha. Thanks for commenting!

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