I Want To Be A Tommy Hilfiger Girl!

Usually, advertisements don’t do anything for me. I don’t identify with subjects I see on my small screen. This, by the way, has nothing to do with race or even size, but I often feel these people who I’m supposed to strive to be by shopping wherever, are nothing like me. Apparently, we don’t listen to the same music, we don’t dress similar, and when I look in the mirror, I happen to do a little dance to make sure I’m comfortable enough just in case and not a twirl or two to make sure I look good.

You now can understand that it shocks me: I can’t get enough of Tommy Hilfiger advertisements. From magazines to commercials, I can totally see little Caumeras’ living the Hilfiger lifestyle. The life of classic meeting original, familiar meeting unfamiliar, and a very studious nature and a love for books meeting a partying, night owl. To quote Hannah Montana, Tommy Hilfiger advertisements provide the “best of both worlds.” I may not be prep, but I now want to be: the goal of all advertisements. To Mr. Hilfiger, “Feast Interruptus captures the fun and loving chaos of the holidays.” I long to be a Tommy Hilfiger girl: wearing a passed around blazer with history, eating Thanksgiving out in the countryside on darling china, staring off with dark glasses, and being carried by very hot boys.

I saw these ads at Unabashedly Prep, a site I just can’t get enough of as well. Enjoy!

You know you want that Navy Blue Blazer! What do you think of these Ads?

Caumera Juanese

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4 Responses to I Want To Be A Tommy Hilfiger Girl!

  1. Jesse says:

    I want that blazer

  2. I completly agree! I saw the first ad over and over this weekend and couldnt pull my eyes away!! I LOVE THEM! They make me smile!!! :))

    Im so glad Tommy upped their AD campaign this season, its fantastic. Love the second, hadnt seen it before!! :)

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