Thankful Thursday: Croquis and Turkey

You may have taken out time to read my About section where I ramble about myself in the third person attempting to be a professional. If you have,  you know that I longed to be a fashion designer before styling and blogging ever entered my head. But those sewing nightmares have been put on hold because I love what I’m doing. Still, it’s nice to just sit at my desk, break out my watercolors, and design.

So when Jaclyn of Champagne and Oreos asked me to design a croquis for her What’s In Your Bag Wednesday, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I just love to draw and was so excited to design again. I’m so thankful that Jaclyn is in my class and likes my work!

Here’s what I did for her:

As a surprise, I am making some more Champagne and Oreo Girls. Here’s a sneak peek!

I can’t wait to show her what I’ve done.


Caumera Juanese

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