When the Clouds Almost Cover the Sun in San Francisco

Weather at its high, today, is 62 degrees: stay warm and fashionable with something that covers you all up. A long sleeve sweater and your easy-on skinny jeans should do the trick. We’re getting close to winter so feel free to darken your lips. You’ll match the random clouds that are sure to be seen throughout the day. Humidity is supposed to be around 89%. Protect your hair; wear a scarf or a hat. Add a little height with a platform wedge to elongate your legs when you’re stomping around the hills of San Francisco. You’ll be closer to the sun, the warmth… Just kidding, but it is sure to make you beautiful and comfy.

And who cares about the cold when you’re beautiful and comfy?

Have a wonderful day!


Caumera Juanese

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2 Responses to When the Clouds Almost Cover the Sun in San Francisco

  1. Becca says:

    LOVEly!! Def. perfect for SF weather. Esp right now- where the heck is the sun?! I am a little sad about this hour later thing… makes walking after work not as fun! haha


  2. coco says:

    Really digging this outfit you put together! The colors, the textures… Its seriously perfect for a Fall day in San Francisco. And YES to the dark lip! I LOVE a dark lip! Especially for the season :}

    Btw… Thank you for the awesome comment, Caumera! That means a lot to me that I could inspire you in some way! Buuut promise me you won’t do anything to your hair quite yet, at least not until my big blog announcement on Friday. I swear it’ll be worth the wait! AND it might help you with your hair woes too! (It sure did help me!) <3

    xoxo coco

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