Many, Beautiful Things on Polk, San Francisco

For another assignment, Jaclyn (Champagne and Oreos) and I embarked on a mission to find a San Francisco Boutique that was noteworthy. We searched high and low, literally because these hills are killer, and found something beyond noteworthy. We found something worth your time, money, and affection: Molte Cose.

Teresa Nittolo began the first Molte Cose, or many things, 22 years ago: a shop of vintage, classic home furnishings and children wear. As bright as the sun when you enter, the room is spread out with no order but vintage in place. In one corner: hats on a hat rack, scarves and purses hang freely. While on the opposite wall, a collection of baby and toddler fun. In the middle, a table of vintage demitasse cups, tea sets, and pictures.

After 12 years, she opened Belle Cose, or beautiful things, one store over. Walls the color of a must be Marie Antoinette’s closet, the store is full of feminine collectibles. From cute shoes to elegant dresses and even an amusing, tasteful selection of under things, there is no reason that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

A year later Molte Cose For Men opened in-between the already booming stores. Nittolo says, “Every time there was a recession, I opened a store” This store has been doing the best out of all three and justly so. It makes sense seeing such well-dressed men all over San Francisco. The interiors here are reminiscent of an Ivy League club for young men: classic approaches to the modern man. I may not know who he is, but the guy who shops here is fun.

3 store fronts lead to one huge store that carries brands like Bebe Dakota, Kenzie, Projek Raw, 7 Diamonds, and Mary Breed are too perfect to pass up. Who do you have to thank for such a vintage shopping experience? The recessions? No, why don’t you head down to 2036-2044 Polk Street San Francisco and thank the owner herself.


Caumera Juanese

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2 Responses to Many, Beautiful Things on Polk, San Francisco

  1. Becca says:

    Very beautiful indeed! I need to go walk around on Polk- I haven’t in so long. Gorgeous day for pics too!

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