Five Men, San Francisco, and Two Bloggers

Blogs like Face Hunter, Stockholm Street Style, and San Franciscos’ very own The SF Style, inspire The Fashion Pawn tremendously. Whether to get inspiration for daily outfits or to marvel over the amazing pictures, these street style blogs stay in the “Must Check Daily” tab on the right hand side of the screen. Last week, I wanted to do more that dress up: I was inspired to take photos of the people who I thought were best dressed on the street.

Many photographers have told me that street style photography might be the hardest to do. Did that stop me? No, and rightfully so. I embarked on this venture with fellow SF [beauty] blogger Jaclyn, from Champagne and Oreos and my blogging class, to find 5 men to take pictures of.

Might I add to you, readers, if you have an amazing sense of style and someone asks for your picture for their blog, and he or she gives you a card, Let Them Snap Your Photo. The hardest part was finding 5 people to let us take their picture. I sympathize with you Street Style Bloggers.

If you click the link, you’ll be taken to my Vuvox slideshow of the lovely men who allowed me to take their pictures.


5 Men, San Francisco, and 2 Bloggers

Went out with fellow blogger Jaclyn from Champagne and Oreos to attempt Street Style shots. Though I did well, the city proved to be a bit too rude for my tastes.

see more of my photos
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4 Responses to Five Men, San Francisco, and Two Bloggers

  1. Chyna D'Jae says:

    The men are gorgeous and all so stylish!!! Carlten seemed to be having a great time getting photographed lol…awesome shots!!


  2. Samantha says:

    Hahahaha Carlten!

    I think street style blogging is the scariest kind, because you have to approach people. I went with Brittany from Work It, Berk once, and I made her ask this girl if we could take her picture because I was too nervous to myself.

    • I think asking the first person is the hardest. It was a huge lump in my throat. But after that girl who said no, or that guy who said yes, the lump disappears. I don’t know these people. So then I’m not really embarrassing myself.
      At least, thats what I keep repeating to myself.
      Thanks for approaching my blog and commenting!

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