These Books Are Made For Reading

Behind every fashionista, blogger, or anyone in the fashion industry, there are a huge list of books that helped them get to where they are. Books that have shaped The Fashion Pawn[oh hey, thats me!] are very many. Included in this picture are some that have kept the interest in fashion at its utmost highest. Of course, many books aren’t photographed. But no worries because that is what this post is for!

Announcing: Reading Corner with The Fashion Pawn-a vlog series starring me! In this series, many books, regardless of whether they are made for fashion purposes or not, will be reviewed in a quick video. We all have to remember that it isn’t just fashion that inspires us. I plan on doing the first video this week, hopefully school work isn’t swamping.

Some books I plan on reviewing are sitting on my desk right now. This way I’m always inspired to blog!


Caumera Juanese

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6 Responses to These Books Are Made For Reading

  1. de la Pen says:

    Those look like some great books! Some I have read, I loved the Fashion Book. It was amazing, I felt like it taught me everything I need to know about fashion. I got an awesome deal on it through Also check out DV by Diana Vreeland (she was the editor-in-chief of Vogue & she discovered Diane von Fursternberg & Carolina Herrera, Creative Careers in Fashion, and Icons of Fashion. Sorry, I’m a fashion book nerd, lol. Loving the blog!

  2. Becca says:

    Great books for sure! I have the Who What Wear (love their posts too!) and Influence– The Olssen Twins are so cool ;) haha

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