On The Other Side

I was so fortunate to be photographed by photographer, friend, and blogger Paige. She’s such an amazing photographer and her work is highly enjoyable. There is a sense of knowing her subject when peeking at her photos–which is very unique. Most times you see a story, whatever story the photographer or stylist wants to tell. When Paige shoots, you see life stories and personalities.

Here’s a preview of the work we did together.

OH look, that’s me: on the other side of the camera for once… It is quite nice over here! Click on the picture to view Paige’s work of me and the rest of her amazing blog.


Caumera Juanese

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7 Responses to On The Other Side

  1. Omg you are SO photogenic! Cute pics :) Ur profile came up on IFB and I decided to check you out. Cheers! Becca http://dansmonboudoir.com

  2. Paulina says:

    This is so cute! I saw it on her blog and hopped over to yours :)

  3. Coco L'Amour says:

    Um… How ADORABLE are you?! I love these photos you took with your photographer/blogger friend. Soooo cute, and the styling is the bomb-dot-com! Fabulous, fabulous job! I LOVE it! :D

  4. Chyna D'Jae says:

    How CUTE is this!!! I love it, Paige did a really good job at bringing out your goofiness!! Love you Meme!!

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