In need of Inspiration

The next thing coming to the blog will be a glorious interview with someone. With who, Not sure yet. But glad to know you care. In the meantime, inspiration?

Click the pictures to go their sources!

The cable in the dorm only works for wild and out there channels. Love The Food Network, but there are only so many times you can watch “Cupcake Wars” before you start experimenting yourself. Sometimes you need a little “Gossip Girl”. Oddly enough, The CW, Fox, and ABC are the only channels we DON’T get. So–the mood is Prep.


Caumera Juanese

P.S. my favorite site/blog right now is Unabashedly Prep. Check it out because it is truly inspiring me in my mood right now.

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One Response to In need of Inspiration

  1. jennie says:

    omg iiii looove your blog its like so cute, good job roomie

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