The NEW Fashion Pawn

Dear Internet world,

So I finally did it, I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress. The blog is such a mess and nowhere near where I want it to be but that was to be expected. It’s the reason why I’m taking a blogging class, isn’t it? So let’s do a refresher for those new to the cause and others who forgot why we play chess in the first place.

The Fashion Pawn is a collective of inspiration in Fashion, Music, Movies, and Books. My ultimate goal is to heighten site. With that said, I’m adding a few things:

  • Video Posts: I’ve been watching a lot of “Silly Songs With Larry” and think a “Reading Corner with Caumera” will satisfy my need to do a video post every so often. I hope to also do some Fashion Ramblings as well.
  • Reviews: I said once before that I had no right to review things I haven’t seen up close. Well, I take that back. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t review something once in a while? Reviews will include the fashion in music, movies, and books, and movies/books in general.
  • Tips: Whether it’s tips on how to dress for the weather or what magazine article to pick up, there will be posts of that nature. Isn’t that fun?
  • Previews: Because I am also starting a Magazine, I will post previews of how thats going. Previews will probably be photo shoots.
  • Outings: I spent a lot of time this summer going out and taking pictures of my friends, family, food, or what I bought. Everyone seemed to be pretty receptive towards that so I’ll keep that going too.
  • Inspirations and Obsessions: My blog has always been a jackpot of things I just love and love to look at. One of my favorite things is finding a picture off the web and having a reader tell me they were thinking the same thing. We’re all geniuses. So of course, that was never coming off the table.
  • LOW: Hm. Look of the Week posts? As time wears on, we’ll see if you miss me posting to lookbook my outfits. It will be done weekly if I decide to do them and probably will go with outing posts. That also depends on who takes my photos. What are your thoughts on this?

Caumera Juanese

I promise, dear readers, to stay as opinionated as always. As usual, I make no promises to stay on topic. And because Fashion Blogging is a class, I promise to write more often.


Caumera Juanese

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One Response to The NEW Fashion Pawn

  1. Pleaseee make more videos! and do all these things you are speaking of! I know its hard, but please post almost daily! At least 4 times a week! I love looking at this! Ps. I LOVE THE NEW BLOG! I personally think its way upgraded- its prettttty and clean and fresh and to the point! niiiioce!

    alsoo… possible a shoot this month?

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