The Bright, The ’70s, and The Military

The Andrew Gn collection fit right with the times of a lacking economy. Shown in Paris, October 3, 2010, all in attendance received a flashback in history. Remniscent of the ’70s, skirts flew to the floor, pants spaced themselves from calves, and heads were wrapped with matching turbans. Though we once believed a tailored hippie was a contradiction comparable to a screaming mime, we’re won over.

Away from the 7’0s, Gn used white, back, olive, pink, purple, orange, and blue to cheer the watchers up. Cutouts danced down the runway like paper dolls and the tailoring fit perfectly. In many of the dresses, Beyonce, or some other “glam diva,” could have been seen wearing them. We’re sure Tavi Gevinson was interested as well.

The collection was rather pleasing.  We not only see people of past times swooning as they remember their yesteryears, we see young 20-something’s lunging for the collection that brought ’70s, military, and color all together. And, it’s always hard to not get on board when there are frills that thrill.

Thanks for your collection Andrew Gn!


Caumera Juanese

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2 Responses to The Bright, The ’70s, and The Military

  1. Angela See, Angela Blog says:

    Lovely collection and that asymmetric teal dress is just wow!


  2. andrew GN is a complete genius.

    honestly, this collection is amazing.

    <3 dennica pearl
    – through the eyes of a pearl
    – vintage shop

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