The New Year + The Fashion Pawn

So sorry for the delay of blog posts here at The Fashion Pawn. Thank you to those who came and checked back, you are truly amazing. I couldn’t be happier that I’m finally getting some sort of response to my blogging. For those of you who have followed The Fashion Pawn from blogger, you might know that I blogged before under two different blogs that are no longer available to read. Good Riddance. I’ve found all I’ve wanted from a blog in The Fashion Pawn.

It’s a new year: 2011! SO EXCITING! I’ve already claimed this year as my year and in toasts made on the 1st, I have wished nothing but the best for everyone. Now, it’s time to get to work.

I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions. I’ve found that when I do, I do everything but that. Well, no more. Instead, I’m going to make some To Do’s for this blog and by doing so, it will kick start all of the other happenings in my life.
The Fashion Pawn To Do List:

  • Buy a Domain Name: someone once said it was easier to get to a blog that was hosted by itself rather than a .wordpress or a .blogspot. I agree. It’s time for The Fashion Pawn to grow up and take charge of the game. Moving the knight to E4 begins with becoming more professional.

Time Stamp: January 13, 2011 [right after the blogs actual birthday!]

  • Actually Start Reading Corner: a while ago I said I was going to begin reviews of fashion books or books that have fashion in them or books where the characters are fashionable or whatever. I’ve written a lot of the reviews but I have made no videos to prove it. Shame on me[me.] Remember those below?

Time Stamp: February 20, 2011

  • Merh: merh is the magazine I have been starting for the longest time. I’ve lost motivation in it but, I have new ideas that inspire me to no end. Instead of making it a huge production with me relying on other people, merh is going to be a magazine of few people to put on our blogs to show that we could work in a magazine setting. Confusing you? Our online magazine will showcase the work we are doing right now. That way you can see some homework in more of a magazine setting.

Time Stamp: January 31, 2011

  • Post At Least 3 Times A Week: to help me on this one, I have partnered with Paige Hermreck of Paige Hermreck Photo [who has guest posted here, and I pimp to no end] to meet 3 times a week for photos. I will be the subject of said photos. My ultimate goal is still to be apart of the fashion lifestyle community and not so much the fashion style community. Because this starts when we both go back to school, there is no time stamp. This is something that is happening.

I can’t wait to cross these things off the list. I’m so excited! Hope you are too!


Caumera Juanese

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This Christmas

Christmas, in my family, is all about snuggling up to each other on a big bed, watching all types of movies, sipping English Breakfast tea or hot cocoa, and my entire family squishing into a kitchen to make tons of food that could last us for weeks but won’t because we like to share. It’s not about the gifts, something I learned years ago when I stopped asking for them. It’s about our time together. Christmas starts as soon as we are on holiday and ends abruptly on the 26th.

In the past, I may have stomped a boot or platform wedge to get what I want but, no more. Instead of stomping and whining, complaining about the cold, or playing the role of ungrateful child (these are things I haven’t done in  many years, mind you), I will sit tight and relax… a bit. I’ll be too excited to skip the unwrapping of gifts and head to the stores for post celebration sales. Besides, I’m in need of new boots, anyway… And an Infinity Scarf for I have lost mine…


The pieces I pick up will be minimal, fashion necessities: a scent, a statement piece to bring in the New Year and wear all year round, and something to go along with my new prep obsession. I’m smelling Daisy by Marc Jacobs or La Lune 18 by D&G. I’m thinking a scarf, skirt, or blazer for the new year. As for the prep obsession, well I will not know of it till I see it.

Or maybe I’ll buy a domain name for this lovely blog and really make it a business.

My point is, little chess players, have fun this Christmas. Whether feeding the homeless or unwrapping gifts, there is no reason for the last holiday of 2010 to be un-fun. Smile, put on one of those Family Home Entertainment claymation classics that provide memorable tunes like the island of misfit toys, and enjoy. The New Year is around the corner!


Caumera Juanese

P.S. What are you hoping for this holiday?

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Links à la Mode: The Bob Series does it again!

If you are a fashion blogger and you’re not apart of Independent Fashion Bloggers, What are you doing with your blogging life? Once again, I’ve made Links à la Mode and once again, I couldn’t be more excited. Sitting in the airport, as I am on my way home to Los Angeles, listening to a cluster of music, including “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele and “I Want the World to Stop” by Belle and Sebastian, I am tempted to jump and dance around and break all the little airport bubbles people have made for themselves… But I’ll refrain. Thanks again IFB!

links a la mode

Stylish Priorities

Edited by: Jennine Jacob of Independent Fashion Bloggers

Nothing like the end of the year to get you thinking. The holiday season is not only a time for giving, it’s a time for reflecting. Whether your giving lavish gifts or wondering if shopping takes away from the spirit of the season, or just plain having fun with all the holiday parties (it’s time to dress up!) this weeks links run the gamut from profound thoughts. Some of my favorites were how fashion has no age limit and just in time for New Year’s Resolutions, will losing weight make you happier? Of course there’s some excellent posts about fashion blogging, questioning reblogging and content ownership along and balancing your blog with your life.

Links à la Mode: December 16th

  • 365 Fashion Rehab: Confession of a (Reformed) Shopaholic
  • A la Modest: Quit Wearing That! You Can Still Look Good in a Potato Sack!
  • Beango: A sketchbook that’s a dream gift for a fashion designer
  • Button Owl: Will losing weight really make you happier?
  • Dirty Hems: DIY Sweater Leggings
  • Fashion Limbo: The Rant – Christmas shopping, I hate you
  • Fashion Lover: Q&A Interview with Tex Saverio, Indonesian fashion designer extraordinaire who was dubbed the “Indonesian Alexander McQueen” by the internet.
  • Fete a Fete: Guerlain Sur Mes Lèvres: Spring 2011 Makeup Sneak Peek
  • Finding Tokyo: There’s no such thing as a fashion age limit!
  • The Fashion Pawn: The B.O.B Series: The 8 Commandments of Blogging
  • Grit and Glamour: Friend Friday: Let’s Stay Together
  • Holier than now: Her story is history: the vintage-inspired mood board collages behind my Market Publique/Erstwhile Style vintage holiday lookbook
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: How to promote your blog with an event
  • Whit & Whimsy: Gift Guide from WIT & Whimsy featuring several IFB members
  • Little Miss Makeup: ROCK CHIC: Runway-inspired smokey eyes tutorial
  • Shrimp Salad Circus: Reblog content controversy . quality, quantity, or just crap?
  • Stylebizzare: New year, new wardrobe? 7 tips to restyle your closet
  • the Citizen Rosebud: Inspiration real citizens
  • Taste & Style Files: If you’re neglecting your hunny, well then this one’s for you, babe! A reminder to stay in focus & in touch amidst our blogger frenzied lives
  • The Coveted: Pimp your style with a feathered hat.


Shopbop Dress Sale: BCBG, Tibi, Lanston, Myne, Velvet, Halston Heritage, ISSA, Wink, Vince, Joie, & T-bags

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The Fashion Pawn makes IFB’s Links à la Mode

Another B.O.B. Series Post has made IFB’s Links à la Mode and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you for reading the post, new readers!

ALSO: for my blogging final, I’ve had to put some posts on Private but they should be up by next week after I receive my grade. Wish me Luck!! Cross your fingers for A’s!
links a la mode

All Kinds of Everything

Edited by: Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie
There’s such lovely variation amongst the links submitted this week. We are fashion bloggers- of course we like things that are pretty things from expensive handbags to quirky DIY jewelry- but the dedication to great content and a passion for good causes is what really stands out with this week’s posts.

Links à la Mode; December 9th

  • 55th Street: A new take on Street Style through my eyes
  • Analogue Chic: Drama with my mama: being my mom’s personal stylist.
  • Any Second Now: Remembering the fashion of 1980’s Duran Duran and how it inspired a fashion pictorial that includes giant Rubik’s Cubes. Gotta love the 80’s!
  • ashley4emergy: Tea Party and Vintage Fashion Exhibit with Socialite Ms. Lana Turner!
  • Awakened Aesthetic: Six Impossible Things…by BirdQueen Designs.
  • Big Girls Browse: Dressember begins – a different dress every day for the whole of December
  • Broke & Beautiful: Jeffrey Campbell goes pink…but for what cause?
  • de la pen: Balenciaga: The Spanish Master by Hamish Bowles
  • For Those About to Shop: Callous comments can be life-threatening
  • Haute World: Not your average designer collaboration: Fashion giants show their charitable side by creating dolls for UNICEF
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Tips for Holiday Gift Guides & Giveaways
  • Intrinsically Florrie: On DIY customising my own unique rings
  • lowefactor: Ever notice why pre-fall collections get lost in the holiday shopping press shuffle?
  • Lust Love Lose: An easy guide to applying red lipstick that will last all day.
  • Mrs Bossa: Blogs with Soul: Mrs Bossa raises a glass to the talent of the blogging community
  • Oranges and Apples: Interview and GIVEAWAY with photographer and jewelry designer Marie Bee of the Blue Balloon
  • Pocket Rocket Fashion: Debating with fashion photographer Diana Thompson the problems of plus fashion brands using models smaller than their range to promote them.
  • Searching for Style: Fashion 101: Why Luxury is Expensive. The making of an Hermès bag.
  • STREET STYLE: PICS BY POLKA DOT: One woman’s journey to get credit for a piece Spanish Elle did using her photographs without her knowledge, or consent. A cautionary tale!
  • The Coveted: Winter Vacation Tory Burch Resort 2011
  • two for the clothes: Our second “Freaky Friday” post, in which her outfit for him turns out badly.
  • The Fashion Pawn: What a business card can do for you


Shopbop Jeans by: DL1961, COH, Siwy, Juicy, MiH, 7’s, Joe’s, Hudson, Charley 5, Cheap Monday, & AG Jeans


Caumera Juanese

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The B.O.B Series: The 8 Commandments of Blogging

Last week, I did a B.O.B Series post about Business Cards. Though usually this particular series happens every other Thursday, I’ve moved up the date to today because of the serious pressure of finals. I’m unsure if anything I post will be worth reading until after school ends. Which, I might add, is incredibly close.

There are thousands of blogs on the World Wide Web and everyone is trying to set him or herself apart from everybody else. How do we differ? How do we keep our readers interested? We keep to the 8 commandments of Blogging.

  1. Blog Often: the more you blog the more people check back to see if you have blogged. Set an amount of times per week you’d like to post and plan to follow through. Set alarm clocks on your phone or write it in your planner. If your blogging once a week, your readers will become glancers and your blog becomes forgettable.
  2. Write Like You Speak: I personally like to read many types of blogs and each has its own voice that makes me feel as though the blogger and I are close.
  3. Focus on Specific Details: if you’re reblogging some news, you don’t have to give an opinion on every detail of your post. Shed some light on what grabbed you the most. This way, you’re reporting and staying true to what your readers love about your blog.
  4. Be Apart of the Conversation: it’s great to comment on other people’s blogs to get more readership or out of courtesy for a comment on yours. What about commenting on your own blog after someone has posted. This makes you relatable to your reader and they can see what you think about them commenting.
  5. Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words: this saying is incredibly true in todays’ society. As much as I write, I always try to include a couple of pictures to interrupt my words. Let’s admit that our attention span has dwindled down to barely anything. This keeps your reader involved, focused, and in tune to what you’re writing.
  6. Spell check: whether you’re writing to have a portfolio or writing for fun, spell check should be your best friend. I have problems with grammar but when I realize I have messed something up I try to fix it as fast as I can. A mistake once in a while is forgivable; a repeat offender is not worth reading.
  7. Link Back: linking is a great way to gather readers, followers, and have your links put on a blogroll. Put credit where credit is due; if you have used a photo or mentioned someone, link back to him or her. They will be grateful for the traffic you send to their site and will come and check out yours too.
  8. Surprise, Surprise: providing the element of surprise is something that keeps a reader coming back. Create giveaways, interview someone who has been following from the beginning, offer discounts to places, and single out people in your comment box. Your reader will never know if it is them that you will choose to be featured.

Keeping to the commandments makes each blog different. Here are some very different blogs who obviously have no problem following:

Accessory of Crime: no matter what my comment, they always go and check out a recent post I’ve done and comment back. Amanda and Emily always seem to be busy with their travels and life but always have time to monitor their comments and return the favor.

Dapper Kid: a new member of my daily inspiration list over to your right, Syeds’ blog is full of photos and content. His photos makes the reader want to read his blurbs and stay reading them.

BelleChantelle: the average of this blogs post per month is 10. Having a set goal of times to post a month lets the reader A) know you aren’t slacking and B) get excited for the next post. Chantelle has done this beautifully.

Stick to these commandments and there is no way you can lose in the blogosphere!


Caumera Juanese

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Who I Am is What I Do: A Guest Post by Paige Hermreck

As you may know from my serious amount of “pimpage”, Paige Hermreck is a fellow student, blogger, and friend from the Academy of Art University. I asked her to Guest Post about her journey as a student photographer: who she has become over the course of a year. Enjoy!

I don’t value those of most 19 year old college sophomore, but then again, I go to an Art Academy that excels in inspiring new artists and taking aspiring art hopefuls and turns them in to knowledgeable critics that contribute to an often misunderstood world of creativity and imagination. I spend my time reblogging beautiful photographs on Tumblr instead of dancing at clubs. I wake up giddy not because of boys, but because of the last photograph I saw before I went to bed. I am inspired by my professors that speak with passion about capturing moments, not a quote about growing up from Nicole Richie. I spend my time in front of Photoshop tutorials instead of plotting ways to convince liquor stores I am of-age.

The campus I create from isn’t a campus at all, but that’s another reason why I love where I am and what I am doing. I walk out of an amazing lecture and the only reason the sun isn’t out is because it can’t seep through the skyscrapers around me. I am taught craft and compassion from professionals who have worked with Annie Leibovitz herself, and have hope that I – too, can be amazing.

I like shooting people in their natural state, things that most people overlook, and anything that light can hit.  I am not a person who limits themselves to this or that type of photography- if it can be captured by a lens, I will shoot it.

I like photos that make me feel something, make me concentrate, make me ponder.

I look back to my work from a year ago and as most growing students, it’s humbling to see how much someone can grow and learn in 12 months. Even in two months my work has had more focus and direction than when the semester started.

I am thankful every single day to be blessed with discovering photography, being surrounded by others who have passion for creating, and for being encouraged by people who have taken interest in my work. I have so much to learn, its overwhelming, but it’s also very comforting knowing that I can create work with my mind and imagination that is tangible and can be seen by those who want to look.

Being in San Francisco, The Sutro Baths have been a source of so much inspiration. I find myself going back there for assignments or just free time and I’ve noticed a change in my work.

February 28:

October 3:

November 20:

Thanks for reading,

Paige Hermreck

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Wonderland: A Winter Fashion Event

Yesterday, I helped out Shannon Hardisty Productions with their Wonderland Fashion Event at the Glas Kat. The event benefitted the Make A Wish Foundation. Dressed in all black, like a dementor or death eater… at least, that is what I tweeted, I first made gift boxes with the Backstage Assistant: Iann Ivy. Iann goes to school at The Academy of Art for photography with a focus on fashion. We had great chats about fashion and received no paper cuts! Here is what we had inside the gift boxes:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Chap Stick by Yes to Carrots came in many different flavors: mint, berry, melon, citrus, and carrot. They are supposedly very easy on the lips and smell delicious. I haven’t opened mine just yet. Afterwards, Iian and I worked on a candy display.

From there we set up chairs to create a runway and put the gift boxes on them.

I was assigned to a staff member, Iann again, and we were assigned to a designer: Dav Menswear. Our designer was truly fabulous; he told us about his trips to Paris Fashion Week and just little tidbits about the Fashion Industry itself.

I deeply enjoyed volunteering for this fashion show: highlight of my week. I liked being backstage as much as I like sitting front row. Making the magic happen and watching the magic is two, totally different energies: both equally satisfying.

Thanks to Shannon Hardisty and her production company for allowing me to help out!


Caumera Juanese


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